Simple Ways of R-O-C-K Your Brand

Inside a recent discussion inside a class I had been teaching about marketing techniques for social networking, I had been requested whether or not this was smart to keep the personal page outside of your company page. My response might or might not surprise you, however i stated that I have faith that you ought […]

Effective Branding: Past The Emblem

Marketers of stores possess a common goal – they’re constantly trying to strengthen their store brand. They are fully aware brand power means elevated sales. A store’s brand represents everything the organization means – it’s not only a emblem. Today’s store marketers have to face more challenges to promote their brand than the earlier versions […]

Brand Positioning – Require It? Get It? How to pull off It?

All of the marketing books are suggesting that you should differentiate your brand. But it’s not necessarily obvious how to get it done in a manner that is significant for the business and results in brand sales. POSITIONING. Will I Actually Need IT? Positioning is about differentiating your brand within the mind from the consumer. […]

Brand Aid

Even Starbucks began small. A powerful brand identity is important for achievement, regardless of what size your company. Could it have been Shakespeare who requested, “What’s inside a name?” The Bard didn’t have the chance to jog in Nike running footwear, ride a Harley with the roads of Stratford or relax between sonnets having a […]