Brand Positioning – Require It? Get It? How to pull off It?

All of the marketing books are suggesting that you should differentiate your brand. But it’s not necessarily obvious how to get it done in a manner that is significant for the business and results in brand sales.

POSITIONING. Will I Actually Need IT?

Positioning is about differentiating your brand within the mind from the consumer. Positioning is allowing the perceptions you would like your target consumer to affiliate together with your brand. Getting a brandname positioning isn’t an finish by itself. It is only the start of your way. It’s the foundation which your brand strategy, innovation, communication and brand plans and tactics are made. (The finish from the journey ought to always be brand sales & brand growth! )

POSITIONING. Will I Genuinely Have IT?

One of the first questions I ask after i make use of a brand team is all about their brand positioning. It’s sad to determine the number of make use of the terminology without really understanding it clearly and, consequently, being not able for doing things they are driving brand growth. Examples for example “my brand positioning is premium” or “my goods are created using 100 % natural ingredients” will hardly provide the brand team a obvious direction on which the following innovation is or the way the next communication campaign can look. In case your positioning approximately fancy words and isn’t ACTIONABLE, your brand almost certainly is taking a loss, otherwise now, within the lengthy-term. You’ll need a obvious brand positioning not since the books let them know, speculate you would like brand growth.


If you like to construct your brand positioning by yourself, you should use as guidance some stages in positioning a brandname as explained Jack Trout, the daddy of positioning:

1) Spy on your competitors and find out the attributes or benefits they own within the mind from the consumer

2) Assess your weaknesses and strengths (product, services, packaging, communication, distribution, customer help etc) to check out that differentiating idea.

3) Think lengthy term: are you able to support your differentiating idea with details?

4) Communicate the differentiating idea for your target consumers.

From my knowledge about brands, a positioning that’s actionable should think about at the very least 4 elements:

1. Brand’s target: clearly you need to differentiate your brand within the minds of shoppers. For your to occur you need to know WHO your individuals are.

Segment your market and chose your target. It can be done by utilizing either sophisticated segmentation research or good sense. Find the segment you need to target and try to discover as numerous reasons for them as you possibly can (age, gender, their current address, the way they live their existence, the things they prefer to eat, see, do, should they have any preferences, what their dislikes are etc). Knowing your consumers better can help you discover the space within their hearts and minds that’s highly relevant to them.

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